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August 2009



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Aug. 31st, 2009

with Midge

Be nice to the little kids.

The "little sister" of one of my classmates just IM'd me. We really didn't spend  much time together as her sister and I weren't close. They were neighbors with my eldest brother, which was why we spent what time we did together:


I have to tell you that when i was little i thought you were the 'nicest' big kid

thanks for being so nice to me when i was little


Aww, thanks. It was easy to be nice to you, you were (and are) a good kid.


i just wanted you to know that it meant a lot to me...and still means a lot ot me


It means a lot to me too. I know what you mean, I remember the couple of "big kids" who took the time to notice me. Its great to know I was able to do that for someone else. :-):-)


i didnt like a lot of big kids. but the way you treated me as a kid made a difference in the way i looked at other kids when i was at the age where it mattered


i have to go to bed so i can get up in the morning. i just wanted you to know that i appreciate the fact that you were so kind ot me!


Good nite!


Goodnight and thanks again for sharing that with me, you made my week!


i am glad!




I feel humbled, yet like I could take on the world right now!

Aug. 25th, 2009

with Midge


 I had a great time in Chicago! Everyone was just wonderful, it was great meeting all of you I hadn't had the opportunity to meet before and to spend time with those of you I had previously met but never seem to have enough time with at the cons. I hope all of you firsties enjoyed yourselves and will join us at Infinitus or a future HWW2. 



Star Wars Elvis, straight from Comic-Con, brings you HWW PICSPAM!!!!!Collapse )

Jul. 26th, 2008

with Midge


 "For dust you are and to dust you will return" Genesis 3:19

 Too many things were on the schedule today, but the one I wish to share concerns this:
I first heard of nature preserve cemetaries a few years back. It seems so logical to me. Why do we spend so much energy trying to keep chemicals out of our bodies only to fill ourselves full of them the moment we die? Definitely something to look into at a later date. I was thinking it would be much later, actually, but have decided to go forward with this when they open up for purchase in a few weeks. 

.Foxfield is a new nature preserve cemetary. The first in Ohio and the first in the U.S. to be run by a non-profit. Stark Wilderness Center is the organization which will be running the preserve. The Wilderness Center is a strong hold of conserancy and conservancy education in our area, with a very solid endowment and reputation. As a child we went  there for Girl Scouts and picnics. As an adult I have attended educational programs and purchased native plants at the Center. 

 It is a beautiful area and I can't begin to explain how calm it makes me feel to know I will be part of such a beautiful place.

"The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness." John Muir

May. 7th, 2008

with Midge

Thank you


I have been out in public with three of my family members who are in the military. People are wonderful about showing their support. Thank you to all of those who are serving our country and to all of those who support them.

Apr. 22nd, 2008

with Midge

(no subject)

 IM with my sister during Holy Week:
Me: I bought the chocolate bunnies
Sis: Great, thanks
Me: I also bought some candy necklaces. I used to love those when I was little
Sis: I remember, at the lake
Me: Yes, at the lake...

Apr. 4th, 2008

with Midge

candy necklaces

 IM with my sister during Holy Week:
Me: I bought the chocolate bunnies
Sis: Great, thanks
Me: I also bought some candy necklaces. I used to love those when I was little
Sis: I remember, at the lake
Me: Yes, at the lake...

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 The jukebox was in the game room, right beside the concession stand. We hung out there on rainy days, playing air hockey and pin bowling, singing Black and White with Three Dog Night .  We made sure to have quarters for candy necklaces too. You weren't officially in "lake attire" if you didn't have a candy necklace attached to your body in some manner, although they did need to come off to swim. Duh.
     The lifeguard boyfriend played guitar. Man was he a god. Some evenings, when he and the sister were in a benevolent mood (or just didn't have the money to go anywhere), he would come out to the beach and play for us. We could hear the bingo numbers in the background and the crickets played back up.  Even we kids knew it was special.
     The last official saturday night of summer came. Some of us would be back for the odd weekend, but others lived further away. If we did get to come back that fall, the concession stand would be closed, the game room door shut, the beach "swim at your own risk." It was our last night all together. The lifeguard boyfriend god played for us. for awhile, then he and the sister slipped away. We each bought one more candy necklace, then put the rest of our quarters in the jukebox. We lined up at the end of the pier, by the diving boards, with our legs stretching toward the lake below and listened to  Black and White over and over, as the crickets sang and the bingo numbers rang out and the sun set.
      And we chewed on our candy necklaces.        



Mar. 19th, 2008

with Midge

The Unforgiveables

 As a relative newbie to LJ, I have been following comments to LJ's new policy statements. I would like to say I find the search function pretty useless, so the removal of the "Unforgiveable Search Terms" is rather irrelevant to my expanding use of LJ. . The best source for me has been the rest of you linking your favorite places in your posts. Thank you and please continue to do so.

I also want to thank all of you. Your insights, humor, and creativity nourish my soul. I choose to return to my childhood community after finishing my education. I love the area, it is beautiful and the people are sincere. They are not terribly witty nor prone to understanding my way of viewing the world. I had not realized how stale I had become until I began prowling here. My edge is a bit rusty, but with time I am sure my cutting views will return to their former honed edges.

I will honor the strike. Being  the daughter of a former Union steward I loathe the concept of crossing such a line.

I hope those of you who are contemplating leaving will stay. After all, I just found you!  *begging, although being normally adverse to such behavior, is adverse to blatant whining 

Feb. 28th, 2008


Name that Foal

 Here is a great little contest to get your creative juices flowing. There is no prize, but you may see your entry on the program at a USTA  track some day!

Hanover Shoe Farms needs your help! 
We would like you to help us name our foals of 2008!!! 
* The 2nd Name of the Foal must be HANOVER
* Name may only be 18 characters long including spaces and punctuation
* Name must start with the same letter as the first letter in the Mare Name
* You may not use a name that has previously been used

Nov. 12th, 2007

with Midge

Veteran's Day Sunday

      Having followed the posts of several who attend Spiritualist Churches, I did some research and attended my first Service. I felt very comfortable and will definitely return. It is 60 miles away, however, so it won't be a weekly event. I came away with much to ponder. I won't get in to the worship message but to say I will be working on it.
     I also received two messages. The first was part of the service. It was fairly specific and obviously meant for me. Then, as I was preparing to leave the individual who performed the worship service approached me. She had more information for me, even more specific. Actually, she gave me a  name. I think even she was surprised by this. She told me it is unusual to be given names. The name means something to me, it is someone I know professionally. She provided more details concerning this person. Very interesting.
     I then drove 80 miles to share a meal with some of my family. Fortunately this took me within 30 minutes of home. I have two nieces in the U.S. Army. One of them returned home Friday and is home until after Thanksgiving.  She is young (18) and just finished Basic and her AIT. She is an MP and as such did not get a break between the two but had one combined graduation. She has been away since June. It was so good to see her! It also seems we may get her for the holidays this year. She has yet to report to her duty station, so we are not sure what the immediate future holds for her.
     Her father is in the Army Reserve and is on active stand-by. Her sister is the other Army niece. We know for sure she is coming home for the holidays. We know this because I received a frantic phone call from her last Sunday. The unit was given ten minutes to call home. I had 24 hours to make plane reservations for her and e-mail her itinerary to her commander. This niece is in training in Special Operations. She will likely deploy in the Spring.
     It was a emotional Veteran's Day. My father was in the Army and is buried at the National Cemetary a few miles from my home. Much of my family has served. We had two serve through Desert Storm, but we have yet to have anyone deployed in the current offenses. We were very fortunate and both returned from Desert Storm safely. I pray we get through this set of deployments as well.
     God Bless Our Troops.

Nov. 10th, 2007

with Midge

Thank you

 Thank you to all of you who are, or have been, members of the United States armed forces.
Click on A Soldier's Prayer

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